Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Cayden!

Happy Birthday Cayden! I honestly can't believe this day is here already. It has been the fastest year of my life. After seeing it happen with Adalyn, I knew that each stage would fly by so I tried so hard to soak up every moment and enjoy every stage with Cayden. Yet I still feel like all of those stages went way too fast.

Cayden is the happiest baby! He is such so much fun to be around. He laughs and smiles so easily and is super ticklish. He absolutely loves his sister and wants to watch her and do everything she's doing. Now that he is a serious crawler, he is exploring everything! He loves crawling into his sissy's room and pulling the books and puzzles off her shelf. He also loves to explore all of the kitchen cabinets that he can get to while mommy's hands are busy making dinner. Anytime he hears music he stops what he's doing and starts dancing/swaying. He also loves clapping his little hands.

Here are a couple pictures from his birth day.

That day absolutely feels like yesterday. It is so vividly etched in my mind. If you would like a trip down memory lane with me, you can click here and here to read Cayden's birth story.
My newborn baby.

He has grown so much this past year! Here is the picture that I used on his birthday invitation. My little man!
And here are a couple pictures from Cayden's 12 month pictures with Jes. My little chunker with kissable cheeks!

Cayden, you are such a joy. I can't even imagine our family without you in it. We love you so very much. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!


Aishlea said...

Happy Birthday, little man!!

Lindsy said...

So, so hard to believe - happy bday sweet C!

Janine said...

They grow so fast. He's a doll. Can't wait to see the pics from his party!