Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fun Cookout

On the Saturday that the Taylor's were in town we had a big cookout with our old group of friends. Unfortunately two of the families out of the five families now live far away but they were in town and it was fun to get together for a cookout. We kept looking around in amazement at how much our group has grown. We used to hangout when it was just us couples and now there are 10 adults and 10 kids (with another one on the way). So our house was quite crazy but so fun!

Of course first up was getting pictures of the triplets: Finn, Greyson and Cayden. This age was much harder to get all the boys in the picture and looking at the camera at the same time than when we took pictures at 3 months.
 Grey was cheesin so much for the pictures!

 I think it's so cute to see how the boys all have about the same amount of hair...just different colors.
It's so fun to watch the boys grow. They each look more and more like their siblings/parents. They are each such different individuals already. It's fun to see the differences in their sizes, their shapes, their personalities, and their milestones. I just wish we could get these boys together more often!

We also had to get some pictures with the mama's.
And the daddies.

We attempted some pictures of all 10 of the kids/babies. Of course we should have done it earlier in the day instead of before everyone was leaving since kids (including one of mine) were starting to melt down. The pics turned out cute anyway!

 I love that Eli is trying to help Adalyn soothe Cayden. Sweet boy. And I love that Kennedy stood strong with smiling in every picture like she's been through a photoshoot-training:)

I just love seeing all those precious babies. We have all been blessed! We got a picture with all the mama's and their babies. The fact that you can see most of the faces in the picture was a success. We didn't worry about getting smiles:)

We also did a self-timer picture of the entire group.  We didn't know if it would turn out since we didn't have anyone dancing around to get the kids to look at the camera.

We are surrounded by such amazing people to do life with. Even though two families have moved away, our friendships stand the test of time and miles and we can pick up right where we left off even after not seeing each other for months. We have such an awesome group of friends! Blessed.


Janine said...

I think that it is hilarious that we blogged about this on the same day!!!! I love these pictures...I loved this event. I am going to bed now....since I barely could finish my blog. ;)

Lindsy said...

I will kind of repeat what I said on Janine's posting - I'm so far behind and I'm so proud that y'all aren't. These pictures make me happy and make me miss y'all but mostly make me thankful. Hugs!