Monday, July 1, 2013

House Guests!

A couple weeks ago the Taylor's came to town to visit and stayed with us for a week. They are practically family and we have missed them so much since they moved away a year ago. We had so much fun during the week and Adalyn missed her friends so much when they left. We had a wonderful wonderful that I pretty much forgot to pull my camera out to document our week. Thankfully Lindsy took some pics throughout the week so I borrowed hers.

First things first. Of course we had to sit the boys next each other for a few photos. Neither boy was crawling yet so it was nice and easy to get them to stay in the frame:)

And a little standing time. They were just about the same height.

I also wanted to get a group picture of all the kids in age order. Of course we forgot to sit them down to do it until the last night after all the kids were in pjs. I think they turned out so cute though!

I love seeing our kids together and seeing how they love each other and play so well together. After seeing my kids have built in friends/cousins for the week, my heart broke for them to leave town. I'm already looking for the next date we can get together again!


Janine said...

Love them all!! I know what you mean about having to say goodbye. :(

Lindsy said...

It really was SUCH a good visit. I'm so very thankful that I'm in a place where I could make such a trip. As always - thanks for hosting!