Monday, July 8, 2013

Florida Vacation - Part 2

On Tuesday of our vacation we spent the day in Old St. Augustine. I felt like we should see the old city, but we honestly weren't impressed. We didn't see the historical sites which I have heard are the draw of the tourists, but we stayed in the shopping district. The old buildings were cool to look at and it was fun to have a whole little city of walkways instead of driving roads, but it wasn't built for strollers. Most buildings had steps up to the doors, narrow doors and narrow walkways. I guess maybe it just wasn't good for the stage we are in (as we were pushing our double Bob stroller). It was blazing hot that day, but we did find some delicious fish sandwiches and amazing fudge and ice cream. (Did I mention that I took the week "off" from dieting? It set me back 3 weeks in my dieting journey. BOO!)

From Wednesday through the rest of the week we spent every single day at the neighborhood pool with my nieces and nephew. This isn't a normal neighborhood pool. Their neighborhood is 790+ houses and the amenities are more that of a country club. There is a clubhouse which has absolutely delicious food! (We got take out from there for lunch one day and ate at the pool. What a life!) And there is also basketball courts, a weight room, volleyball courts, and a golf club. All this to say, that this is not a normal neighborhood pool. So we really felt like we were on vacation when we went.

It was so nice because there weren't tourists around and we pretty much had the pool to ourselves every day! We had ample lounge chairs (not that we had much chance to lounge. Ha!) and each day were able to snag a covered table for all of our food and lunch items. The kids absolutely loved the pool.

Adalyn's cousins coaxed Adalyn to go down the slide on Sunday and so every day we went to the pool she gravitated to the slide. She did go down it once by herself but preferred going down it with someone. Her poor cousins went up those steps to the slide countless times. I'm thankful they were so patient.

Adalyn loved swimming! We got her a Puddle Jumper life jacket and it was well worth the money. We didn't have to worry about her ever going under the water. She was able to kick her legs and toodle around the pool on her own. She even got brave and would jump off the side of the pool. (Of course I didn't get a picture of it!) Then there were some bigger kids jumping in without life jackets and she crawled up next to them and started jumping in when they did. Then she had to take her life jacket off and jump in without it. Jonathan was right there to help her. I was so proud of her for getting so brave!

Mommy and daddy even went down the slide a few times. It was fun! I got some pictures of Jonathan in action:)
Cayden also loved the pool. I bought this pool float used from a mommy friend for $5 and we got every penny's worth out of it! He loved it! He would kick his little legs and splash the water. I loved that he was able to stay in the shade! A few times we took him around the pool without the float and he loved that too!

Since we had to plan our days around nap time, we were only able to spend a few hours at the pool instead of the entire day (like I would prefer!). But, that's life as we know it! The non-pool parts of our days were spent hanging with the family and going to dinner.

Boy cousins! Cayden has a pretty awesome boy cousin to look up to! Caleb was so sweet with Cayden. He learned how to give a bottle and how to feed Cayden and Cayden just loved him! (Adalyn felt the same way!)
 These pictures were not even staged. They were just hanging together and I just had to snap the pictures!
One night we went shopping and Jonathan caught this cute pic.
Adalyn also loved their dog, Bailey. Bailey is the sweetest dog and loves playing. My brother showed Adalyn how to clap to get Bailey wound up, so Adalyn would walk in the room clapping looking for Bailey. So cute!

Ok, I still have a ton of pictures from the week so it looks like I'll be making this series into three parts:)


Jonathan said...

Can we go back now?

Janine said...

LOL at Jonathan's comment! I totally want to go too! :)