Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cayden Crawling!!

I can't believe I did it! I captured Cayden's first crawl on video! Cayden started crawling June 30th right after he turned 11 months. I could tell his was oh so close to crawling and was doing lots of almost-crawling so I pulled out my phone and I captured it. Of course I have to share it on here. You're just going to have to ignore the crazy excited mommy voice:)

He is now a crawling pro and is all over the place. I think since he started crawling so late, he had had extra time to sit and look at items that he wanted to explore and check out when the time came that he could get to them. It was like he had an agenda. Adalyn is still getting used to her brother getting into her toys/crafts/treasures. :)

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