Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Visit with the Fam

Yesterday after I got off work we went to visit my brother's family up in Cincinnati! My parents were going to be there so I was excited to finally give my mom her bag I made for her birthday two months ago! The kids wanted us to bring Dakota, so we all packed in the car and made the 1.5 hr trip to Cinti. Dakota was so excited to see his cousins that he could barely sit still!

When we got there the kids got their guinea pigs out to play with Cody. We found out at Thanksgiving that Cody really likes the guinea pigs. It is just so cute! He gets as close as he can and licks and licks and licks them! And the guinea pigs don't seem scared or mind the licking! So funny. I forgot my camera or I would have taken some pictures! Here's one from Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately Aunt Abby's allergies made life quite unbearable so the guinea pigs had to go to their room for the rest of the trip. I thought I had grown out of the whole "allergic to everything with fur" or at least my Allegra had helped me grow out of it, but I guess I haven't really! Good thing Dakota is hypo-allergenic!

So my parents gave us a new CD, which we listened to on our way home last night. It's so much fun. It is Bart Millard - Hymned Again. (He also has another one, "Hymned.") He's the lead singer of Mercy Me and the album has all of the old hymns that I grew up in the church singing but he has put a beat to them and a little bit of New Orleans meets bluegrass meets rag-time feel. I was singing all the way home:) It made me remember those old red hymnals that we used to use and how the hymns used to have an organ as the only accompaniment. A different life than what we are used to these days. But those old hymns are packed with truths. And listening to them as "praise songs" not as "Turn to page 56. We will be singing verses 1, 2, 4, and 6. Follow me.." made them a whole lot more personal.

It's too bad that our trip had to be so short. At least we got a trip in to Skyline while we were there! It's always nice to see family. I just wish it happened more often!

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Sue said...

Happy Sonday Abby! I miss the old Hymns too and the way church "used" to be (sort of). Our church has started implementing more hymns mixed in with the contemporary worship which I love. Kids today aren't learning the old great ones unless they're included.

Now how precious is your little Dakota with those guinea pigs! LOVED the picture :-) Glad you had a nice visit with your family. I'll have to check out your new CD - I like Mercy Me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Hugs & God bless,