Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Day of Sewing

Billie and I spent the afternoon and evening sewing some bags to take to the auction for display in a couple weeks. We have two more bags that we want to have done next weekend. We tried some new combos and fabrics that turned out really cute! So...I have to post them!

This bag we added the polka-dot ribbon instead of just plain ribbon to give it a little extra personality. Isn't it cute??
This fabric we had from Amy Butler's summer line last year. We hadn't used it on any bags yet, but we saw how cute it looked with this blue ribbon and just HAD to do it!
These next two are bags in our new line of Sassy Bags. Bags for kids or just the kid at heart! How cute are these Michael Miller Prints?

After we finished these bags we organized all of our sewing stuff into the bins that we got last weekend. Now all of our fabrics are organized! Yay! My OC self is happy. Now my issue is finding somewhere to store all of the bins! I guess my next project is to clean out the closet in the office so it can hold all of our organization! My dining room will look so empty! :)
**After looking at all of these pics, I feel that I need to make the disclaimer that we have other colors of ribbon than just blue! :) I guess that it was a blue kinda day today! hehe.


Sue said...

Those are so sweet Abby! I need to pop over to your site and see which of your bags will be good for my Sister. I think she'd love one. Her bday isn't until Oct, but I may just have to get something for her sooner ;-)

Great job!!

Hugs xo

Nieman Family said...

Where do I go to buy these? They are adorible...would like afun spring one...

Abby said...

Check out my website to see our different styles and fabrics. Or you can email me at to place an order. There is a link to the website at the top of my blog. Thanks for the compliment!