Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter and Spring Decorations :)

I really needed some spring pick-me-ups around the house, so I dug out some old Spring/Easter decorations and then went out shopping with my mom this weekend and to find some new decorations! I had some serious issues finding anything that I liked which made me really frustrated, but I got a couple of cute things. Most of the normal home interior stores that I get serious sales at only had a small section of Easter decorations and most of the decorations were either glittery and pink or country (both of which do not go with my interior!). Pier 1 had some cute egg wreaths and egg trees (which were two things on my list of things to shop for) but the prices were way too steep! I'll have to go back the day after Easter to get them on sale! Anyway...here are some pictures!

I found this cute wreath at Target! I couldn't believe how picked over everything was and it was still 2 weeks until Easter! But I liked this wreath and I think it stands out nicely against the front door!

This is a sign that my mom gave me a couple years ago for Easter...grown-up kids can still get Easter baskets! :) Anyway, I think it's cute. You can't see in this picture, but my kitchen is a bright green, so this sign matches perfectly and it stands out nicely against the black stove. Yeah, I don't use all of my burners that often! :) hehe

My mom also gave me this flower decoration. Last year I put it on the kitchen table because again, the green in it matches my kitchen, but this year I liked it by the front door. I think it brightens up the brown walls! My normal spring hydrangea arrangement can come later in the summer this year!

I guess I've kept most of my decorations around the kitchen...probably because that is the main hub of the house. This flower plant is fake and it looks so real! My mom got it at Lily's on the Lake in Ohio. (They have some really cute stuff - hopefully I can stop by there on my trip back home this weekend) My mom got one for herself a couple weeks ago and had to go back to the store to get me one! Good thing my mom and I have similar decorating taste! Thanks mom! The giant egg came from Hobby Lobby for $2 and seriously, who doesn't need a giant egg?

And my egg nest gets it own picture! Are these not the cutest salt and pepper shakers that you have ever seen? I'm not big into theme salt and pepper shakers, but I saw these and HAD to have them! They aren't glittery or country! Yay! I found them at Target for $8 and thought that the happiness they would bring to the kitchen made them well worth it! After my mom saw mine on the counter, she HAD to have one too, so I went on back to Target to pick one up for her...it's the least I can do right? Give back the decorating love? This nest also reminded me of my blog friend Shannon who is all about nests! :)

And last but certainly not least, are these beautiful flowers that Jonathan brought me the other day! Isn't he sweet? It's always nice to have fresh flowers to remind us of spring, even if it is cold, rainy, and windy outside:) Thanks honey! I love them!
I'm definitely working on building up my spring decorating collection piece by piece each year. Hopefully since I never found an egg tree that I liked, I'll be able to find one discounted after Easter and have it ready to go for next year. And who knows? Maybe I'll spread my decorating love to the living room next year:) Thinking of a new coffee table spring decoration was just too overwhelming this year! :P


Sue said...

Love today's post Abby! I just picked up my first Easter/Spring decorations while I was down in the States last week. I saw the egg wreath's like yours... SO cute! I got a cutsie "country" one ... I'll take a pic & post it to my blog so you can see :-)

My kitchen is green too - your sign on your stove is GREAT... would look great in my kitchen too ;-)

Your flowers, both the one's J got you and the artificial ones are gorgeous. Looks very Springy in your place! Hope you find the other things you're hoping to pick up :-)

Hugs xo

Shannon said...

Your decorations are so cute! That egg wreath is adorable and I love the green color of your "Happy Easter"! Those nest eggs are GREAT!! I will have to go to Target and see if they still have any! Thanks for the tip (and for the shout out!) :) You are too sweet!