Monday, March 23, 2009

Phone Interview Follow-up

Today was the day for Jonathan's phone interview. I got a call around 9:45 this morning from him saying that the people interviewing him had called him and asked him to come to the interview in person! The interview was at 10! Of course this makes way more sense than a phone interview since the people interviewing him were right down the hall! Luckily he had a resume with him, but he wasn't dressed in a suit for an interview (which was what he was worried about).

The interview went well. He felt that he had good answers to their questions. They told him that there were over 40 applicants for this job! They chose the top 12 for the phone interviews and will then choose the top 5 for in-person interviews. Even though his interview today was in person, it was still considered a phone interview in the sense of which round he's in. So, we are back on the roller coaster of emotions. We are playing the waiting game to see if he gets a call back for another interview. He should hear something by Friday! I know it is God's ultimate plan and His Will will be done, but patience is very difficult for me!

I also have a prayer request today. This really makes our job issues seem insignificant. One of my best friend's brother-in-law died today. It was sudden and he left behind a wife and a 10 month old baby boy. Please pray for their family. I cannot imagine the grief that they must be feeling right now.


Jess :) said...

I will add your best friend's brother-in-law, his wife, and baby to my prayer list. How sad and hard to understand. I'm struggling right now with my dear friend Jen's, baby, Stellan. I would love for you to please add him to your prayers. Things are very serious right now and we are ALL just praying that our Lord will NOT take him from us, right now. To read more about it, please go to: (if you haven't already).

Thank you so much and I will also be praying for Jonathan. :)

Shannon said...

I will be praying! For your husbands job search and for your friend's family. That is so sad.