Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stud Muffin Date!!!!

I know it's been a couple days since I have posted...I've been way too busy! First of all lets start with some exciting news! On Wednesday Jonathan got a phone call asking him for an in-person interview for the job! YAY! They told him that he would probably hear by Friday, so we were quite surprised when he got a call 2 days early. This means that he has narrowed the applicants from 42 to 12 and now he is one of 5! Next week is spring break for the schools in this area so the person interviewing him will be on vacation, so we have to wait until a week from Monday for his interview! In the mean time, the person that J is temping for is supposed to be coming back from medical leave. I think God likes to leave things to His timing so that we aren't comfortable and need to look to Him. I know He has a plan and I have to trust in Him.

My parents were on spring break this week so they came to visit us for the weekend. My mom and I had some good shopping time:) We found some fun spring and Easter decorations for the house. I'll have to post pics later. But since we already had our Stud Muffin date planned on Friday they told us they would doggie sit for us so that we wouldn't have to spend money on the doggie resort!

I wanted to get dressed up since we never get to go out on a date like this. I never wear skirts or dresses so I had nothing to wear! I bought a purple skirt the day after Thanksgiving from Loft for $3 and thought that for the price I had to get it! So my mom and I went to the mall in search of a shirt and jewelry to go with the purple skirt. We found some exciting deals at Limited! The back half of the store was on clearance! We had our arms full of hangers and I liked everything I tried on! Oops! Anyway, I found a cute shirt for $15 to go with the skirt and some flashy black earrings at Macy's for $5! Then I found a way cute "statement" ring at Pier 1 for $6!! (J hates statement rings.) Why do I get a high from sale shopping?? I'll post a pic of the ring because you all have to see how cute it is. Please overlook my nails - they are naked! I'm so embarassed. I ran out of time to do them! oops! And, that is not my's the one in the hotel. (Not really my style:)

The limo picked us up from the house. Unfortunately it was raining, I had wanted to get more fun pictures of the limo. The only time J and I have been in a limo together was our wedding! and all 10 extra people squeezed in from our wedding party made it not so romantic:). Here's a pic of us leaving for our date!

The limo driver holding the umbrella is actually the owner of the company that donated the limo to the church for the prize! He was a really nice guy and come to find out, Jonathan and he had worked together back in the day at Best Buy! Such a small world! BTW - Try to look past the white legs and the scrapes that are still on my legs from my trail run! :)

Here are some fun pics I took in the limo:)

We went to dinner at Malone's which is one of Lexington's best steak houses! (The owner there also donated the gift card to the church for this prize.) We had reservations and walked straight in with no wait (which is unheard of there on a Friday night)! We decided to treat ourselves since we don't usually have the opportunity to eat there. We got a bottle of wine, an appetizer of Coconut Shrimp, we each got steak (of course I got fillet Mignon) and they were done to perfection! And last but not least we had an amazing chocolate dessert! Wow. Pretty much had to roll me back out to the limo! (I didn't have an evening bag to match and didn't think my giraffe bag would be acceptable, so needless to say I have no pics of the food.)

Then we went to the hotel. We were booked at a Homewood Suites by Hilton. Again, the owner here had donated a room for the prize! Wow, a lot of giving people at our church, huh? Anyway, the hotel was so nice. We actually had a living room and kitchen attached to the bedroom! Here are some pics! We tried another limo picture since it was under an overhang and out of the rain.

Yes, we had a fireplace and no it didn't work. I'm sure it was turned off for the spring/summer season not realizing that we would have wintry conditions this weekend!
We were excited about the free popcorn! How many hotel rooms do you get free popcorn to make in a microwave! :)The next morning we got a free buffet breakfast too! Wow, what a wonderful weekend of events! We had such a good time!


Sue said...

We always stay at Hilton hotels with my hubby's business... they are nice aren't they?

I'm SOOOO happy for you & J and the fun time you had on your overnight date! God sure has blessed you both at such an important time of needing that something special. Great news about the progress with J's job too... can't wait to hear what God has in store next for you two!!

Have a great week and thanks for taking us all along on your date... sort of ;-)

Jess :) said...

I'm so glad that you and J were able to have that date night!! How fun and well deserved! I will be praying that everything goes well with J's interview. Please keep us posted!!

Sorry, I'd write more, but off to do more Stellan things.

Jess :)