Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh My Trails!!

Today I went on my first trail run with Billie, Lindsy, Chelsea, and Courtney. I should have known not to run with 4 girls who have been training for a 7 mile trail run and half marathon for the past 6 months! Plus, we are in Kentucky so our hills are mighty hilly! That said from a northern girl! I'm dumb and they all assured me that they were just doing a small run and it would be slow and easy. HA! Right! Maybe for them!

First of all, I should start with the small fact that I'm a girly girl. I was never the kind of kid that played in trees or got dirty. I don't mind sweat, but dirt and getting scraped by trees and all that isn't my thing. So we started this trail run and we were on a nice dirt path and it was fun. The path was narrow enough that we were single file. Then we started running through brush. Over streams. Ducking under trees. We literally climbed OVER a tree that was laying on its side that was almost as tall as me. OK, maybe not that tall:) but you get the idea.

I was okay until we got to a hill that looked like a mountain! I made it to the top and was out of steam. The problem was that we were only 1 mile into the run. I was able to keep the girls in my sight, but I felt guilty for slowing them down. I realized that if I lost them that there was NO WAY I could find my way back to my car! So I pressed on towards the goal out of sheer necessity, although I didn't know how far away the goal was.

After 45 minutes and about 4.25 miles we finally finished!!! YAY!!! Well, some of the girls kept going, but I called it a run when we got back around to the cars. My feet were burning. For any runners out there who know the benefits of Body Glide, I had slathered mine on my feet and I still got blisters on my arches! 13 flesh wounds, 2 blisters, and a huge bruise later I finished my first trail run! Yes, I did count all of the scrapes on my arms and legs! At least only a couple of them sting. (Is my skin super thin or something that I got so scraped up?) I look like an old lady walking around between my feet issues and the fact that every single muscle in my legs, back, and sides are screaming at me! I can't even imagine how I will feel tomorrow!

Girls, I don't hate you...I'm still talking to you:) but it might be a while until I try one of those runs again! I think I'll stick to pavement for a while, but thanks for the adventure.


Lindsy said...

Girl - you did so good today! I knew when we dropped you back of by the car and I saw your red face and your not so nice expression that you might be hating us for dragging you out there. It was nice to run with you even if trails aren't your favorite thing. Love, love, love that you called your scratches your "flesh wounds". So funny! Never worry about slowing us down - its more about just getting out and getting moving and we accomplished that. Love you and your blisters....and your sore muscles!

Sue said...

Bless your sweet heart, Abby! You are a good girlfriend! My best bud has never gotten me out running with her, even on pavement roads ;-)

Hope your feet feel better tonight!

Hugs xo

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you came Abby! Shoot...I've slowed these girls down for weeks now, I don't feel bad anymore, HA. I thought it was a lot of fun and you did awesome! You kept up the whole time and that was not easy. I hope you come again...