Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sewing and Running...My Life!

It's been forever since I posted last...ok so maybe just a few days but it feels like forever. I just feel like my days have been packed with stuff to do and by the time I'm going to bed at night I don't feel like I can write a legible sentence. Hopefully my post makes sense tonight!

Monday night Billie came over straight from work to sew. I made some low fat Mexicali Burritos and then spent the rest of the evening sewing. Unfortunately we were having issues getting a lot done. Sometimes when we get together at night, we get frustrated because we make silly mistakes and then have to re-sew what we just sewed. And we have to take small breaks on Monday nights to watch Chuck! While Billie started sewing, I started organizing paperwork for the business! You're jealous, I know! We went to Walmart last weekend and got a bunch of clear bins and a filing folder to organize our fabrics, notions, and paperwork! I've taken a picture of my dining room area and how messy it is, but I refuse to post the picture until I have an "after" picture of everything neatly organized. The organizing is going to have to take a back seat until we can finish all of the bags that we have to have made before the end of the month!

Last night Billie, Tasha, Nevada, and I ran a short group run to get ready for our 3K on Saturday! Tasha and Nevada have never run in a race and we thought this 3K would be a great start for them. It was 78 degrees and we ran the 1.8 miles that the race would be and everyone finished! Yay! (Unfortunately it was 48 degrees today...seriously 30 degrees different!) Billie and I went out afterwards and ran a fast mile to finish our workout. I'm so excited for our race on Saturday! When i got home from running, my hubby had grilled steaks out and had dinner all ready! I'm pretty spoiled...but don't tell him!

On top of all of that excitement there has been tons of good reality TV! I'll have to discuss that tomorrow...I just don't have enough time for that tonight! (I haven't even started my DWTS DVRs!) I'm watching Idol results right exciting!


Jess :) said...

Now I can finally leave a comment!! I tried so hard last night because I had a question for you...but it wouldn't let I just went ahead and posted it on my blog anyways!! You can head over and see what I did. :)

For some reason, I had totally missed your bag/purse website and I about fell off of my couch from excitement last night. Therefore, I immediately had to post something about it and decided that I should just wait until the morning ~ just in case I was able to comment here and ask you. However, when I tried this still wouldn't let me. So, if you would rather me not have anything about it on my blog, I understand and will take it down. Just let me know!

But please just let me say that "I LOVE THOSE PURSES!!!!!!!" Oh my goodness, they are adorable and if you only knew how addicted I was to them!! It's kinda scary, in a way! Anyways, super excited to have finally seen them and now I just need to choose 1 or 100!! :)

Again, just let me know your thoughts!! And, let me know what you think of DWTS!! :) Super fabulous!

Sue said...

Hope you girls have fun on the weekend running your 3K. I don't know if I could do that - isn't that sad? lol

Did you catch up on your reality tv yet? I'm wondering what you thought of DWTS this week!

Have a fantastic day!
Hugs :-)