Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So this season of American Idol has started to really annoy me! First of all they didn't put through Danny's best friend, Jamar who was an amazing singer. Then they put Tatiana through to the top 36. I didn't think I could handle watching her perform for the top 36. Unfortunately her voice is actually not that bad, but she's just so immature and annoying that I can't even watch her! The crying...oh the crying... So, tonight we are watching the results show and they are naming the 8 wild card picks who get to perform again tomorrow... (which btw is really crappy since I again already have 2 shows DVR'd so I'll have to watch it live! grrr! Idol needs to stay on Tuesday and Wednesday nights!)... and sure enough they chose Tatiana as a wild card!!! Are you serious? I mean it has to just be for ratings and laughs, but I cannot handle that they would choose her over some of the other talented singers like Kendall and Ju'Not. I'm telling you, I will be voting for everyone but her tomorrow night! If America votes her through to the top 12, Idol might lose me as a dedicated fan! I also noticed that most of the people who got voted through to the top 9 were the people that they highlighted during the season about their lives. What about the rest of the people in the top 36? Maybe America would have fallen in love with them too if they knew all of their backgrounds.

After that long rant, it boils down to this...where are the talented girls?? There are only 3 females in the top 9 right now, so I think it's going to be the year of a guy winner. Danny, Kris, and Scott are my favs!

Um...Maybe I watch too much reality TV!?!


Organic Meatbag said...

Ahhhh, I have been suckered by my wife into watching AI too, and I about threw up in my mouth when they put tatiana in too...what a freaking nutcase...

Sue said...

Oh Abby... I am right there with you on the "What the Heck were they thinking?" page with Tatiana. The girl is the biggest drama queen EVER! I was so sad that Kristen McNamara didn't get another chance (or like you Kendall ~ she was adorable!). Kristen has a WAY better voice than Tatiana w/o the drama. She would have figured out her sense of style and the fact that THAT was most likely their reason for not picking her (plus the "good" tv value of Tatiana is disgusting considering it is a singing contest!

Do you have time shift channels on your DVR? We have time shifting so what we can't fit on the DVR in the East Coast, we catch 3 hours later on the West Coast. It's GREAT! ;-) And... as you saw in my post the other day... I don't think you watch too much reality tv! (hee hee)

Have a great day xo

Kristin said...

Honestly, I am seriously annoyed that Tatiana got through. Do you think she could have had votes? I mean, why do they think her drama is cute? Now I am a drama queen, and I seriously want to hurt her. So if another drama queen can't handle her, who is liking her? No voice is worth putting up with that over.