Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Weekend and a Possible Job...

Our weekend has been jam-packed with stuff! We were blessed with beautiful weather both on Saturday and Sunday. It was blue skies and sunshine but still a little cool.

On Saturday Billie and I went to the salon to get our hair cut. Don't you love the feeling of getting your hair cut? Makes you feel like a whole new person! :) I actually got a few inches cut off, so I feel like I look like a whole new person (although it's not that big of a change:)). We go to a girl that Lindsy introduced me to. She is a great hairdresser! She would HAVE to be for me to fight the mall traffic every time I see her! Yes, she works at a mall salon. HATE IT, but love her. So what is a girl to do? Well, usually we take the opportunity to shop around the mall afterwards (although it doesn't look too good after you've had your eyebrows done and your face is all red!) but yesterday we had too much stuff to do to take time to shop. And shopping takes money:) Later that night Billie and Derek came over for some Mancino's and sewing. Derek wasn't there for the sewing. hehe. D and J watched high school basketball while Billie and I cut fabric. It's nice to spend a relaxing night with friends!

After church today we went to B and D's house for lunch. Derek grilled BBQ chicken! Yum! Spring is here!! :) Then the four of us went to the park and played volleyball to get ready for the competitive season starting in a few short weeks. It was so wonderful to play outside on such a beautiful day! It reminded me of being in college when life was just about playing around without any real responsibilities. Anyway, it was fun and I'm sure we will go back soon!

I guess I was a little crazy because I felt so energized by playing volleyball that I decided to change into my running gear when I got home. So I ran a little over 3 miles and am now extremely exhausted! But I feel good! :) While I was running, J cleaned the house and switched out our sheets and comforter to our summer sheets and coverlet! Aren't I blessed with a wonderful man? He's so good to me!

Then Billie came back over to the house for some more sewing! I think tomorrow night we will be able to finish the bags that we started for the auction weekend! YAY! And they are turning out really cute! I'll post pics when they're done!

Last, but definitely not least is some info on Jonathan's job hunt. If you remember, he's been temping at UK in the accounting department for someone who is out on leave. Well, a really good position came open in another part of the accounting department and his boss told him that he should post for it and actually asked him for a resume to give to the hiring manager. When the position showed up online, he posted for it and he got a call back on Thursday! He has a phone interview tomorrow morning at 10AM. Please be praying! I know God will open doors if it is His will. The funny part of the interview is that the people interviewing him work down the HALL from him and still wanted to do a phone interview. haha! Office politics! I'll update when I know any more info! Thanks for your prayers!

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Sue said...

Oh Abby! Exciting news about the interview for J! I will definitely pray :-)

Your weekend sounds good and so glad you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. We are LOVING the weather down here in NC! It's going to be awfully hard to go home on Friday.

To answer your question on my blog, I am Canadian... born and raised there... although in my heart I'm American... moreso even than my American friend who lives in Canada. Go figure! My bil moved my sis and their family down to NC 10 years ago for a job and they LOVE IT here and will most likely never move back to Canada.

Have a great week! Glad you got lots of sewing, exercise, and BBQ in this weekend ;-)

Hugs xo