Monday, June 14, 2010

Dakota So Sad

Dakota went to the vet on Saturday for his routine check-up and shots.  (Poor Lindsy works at the vet's office and had to hold the squealing dog during his shots!)  He only gets shots every 3 years thankfully (he's a bit of a wimp and cries like a baby!)  During the check-up the vet noticed that the poor thing has a bacterial and yeast infection around his mouth.  We're not sure what caused it but he's now on 2 prescriptions for it.  Jonathan asked if we should wash all of his toys and the vet agreed that was a good idea.  This video is from yesterday after Jonathan put all of his stuffed animals, rope bones and blankets in the washer.  I was gone but Jonathan said he stood there the entire time and even started this pathetic howling thing.  Can you tell he was traumatized?

We also talked to the vet about his behavior issues. (He will snarl and bite if he doesn't want to do something.)  So, we are trying a medication for that also.  We need to get that under control before the baby gets here!  The vet also suggested that we don't allow him to sleep in our bed.  When he was a puppy we crated him at night, but that was years ago and he's quite spoiled now so I didn't know how it would go but guess what?  We brought his bed up to our bedroom and last night he slept in it the entire night without us even prodding him to sleep in it!  It's like he just wanted his own area! 

So, that is the life of Dakota.  Hopefully I'll get my camera this week and can post pictures of my new beautiful bedroom:)


Katie Kermeen Swisher said... cute is that? So sad, but adorable at the same time! We have been crating our dog too, but decided to try having him in our room. We bought him a little doggie bed/couch thing, and he loves it! He only gets in bed with us if he knows we're awake. Now, if I can only get him to stop chewing up EVERYTHING!

Sue said...

What a cute video! Poor Dakota... so many changes for him :-( Thanks for sharing that sweet video Abby - too cute!