Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Running Thoughts

I went running Saturday morning!  Whoohoo for 2 miles!  It was hot and humid but I was careful, ran slowly and drank lots of water.  I just love getting back out there!  I went running by myself and when you are running by  yourself and your ipod runs out of batteries only 1 mile into your run, you have lots of time to think.  So this is a random thought that I had while I was running...

About every other house had people out and about and mowing their grass and working in their yard.  Probably trying to get yard work out of the way before the humidity was too much to breathe in.  (I love how friendly our neighborhood is.  It's such a breath of fresh air after our old neighborhood!)  As I ran past houses, many many garages were open.  And do you know how many of those garages were nicely organized?  yeahhh.  Not many.  Most of the houses had so much junk that it was stacked to the ceiling and then out to the door of the garage.  It started making me about sick.  I wanted to say some smart remark to them about whether they use all that crap and if they even know what is all in there.  What do people do with all that junk?  Do they think they really need to accumulate all that stuff for a reason?  Will they ever use it?  Why don't they donate it so that it can be helping someone that can use it instead of living in a nasty garage?  Bonus!  If you donate it, guess what?  Your car now has a home!!

Maybe some of my dear bloggy friends have this issue...  I noticed it a lot in my old neighborhood and one house even had an entire room - with walls - built in the garage. (I'm sure that was up to code..ahem.)  Anyway, why do we all keep junk?  Now we don't keep a garage full of junk, and we sure did get rid of a lot when we moved, but there are still things that we have in our attic or basement that we could get rid of.  Why do we feel the need to keep it?  What is in our human nature that makes us hoard crap?  I just don't understand the mindset that you'd rather keep your junk in your garage than your car safe and sound (especially in the winter when you have to scrape their windows...). 

Maybe I don't understand this garage-full-of-crap thing because growing up my dad always made sure our garage was organized to the point of being able to fit both cars. And if you remember my pictures from our FIRST day in this house, the first thing that Jonathan organized was our garage to get both cars in there.  (It does make for a nicer looking house when there aren't cars parked in the driveway.)

Just a random thought... my next run I'll make sure my ipod is charged (that's how I keep track of my mileage) but if it's not, I might have another random thought for ya! :)


Anonymous said...

Would you and could you PLEASE have this talk with my sweet husband!! I hate his garage! SO MUCH JUNK!!!!! I will be sharing your "thought's with him;)"
Danielle :)

Shannon said...

Justin and I have noticed the exact same thing in that area! We have vowed to always make sure our cars fit in the garage. Ps...I thought I saw you run by, but I couldn't tell because you had sunglasses, I know now for sure that it was you! : )

Heather said...

I am so impressed that you are running while pregnant!! I didn't do it with any of mine, I tried with AJ and thought it felt too funny!! I have a thing with running with a not fully charged iPod!! Frustrating!