Friday, June 11, 2010

So Lost Without You...

I have some sad news.  So those posts I was going to write last night?  and my camera I couldn't find?  Well, somehow my camera made its way into my parent's luggage and is now living in Ohio and we don't have another camera.  So the pictures I took for a post and the belly picture we were going to take last night and the after picture of our bedroom are not going to least not in the next day or so.  My mom has assured me that she will be mailing it (insured of course) back to me today.  I'm hyperventilating a bit because lately I've been too lazy to walk to the basement to download my pictures onto our main computer so all of my belly pictures (and about 1000 other pictures - literally) are only on my camera.  Let's just hope that it doesn't get lost in the mail. K?K.

Maybe this will give me the time to get one last thing done in my bedroom before we take "after" shots!

In the meantime, I thought I'd link up a new blog for you all to read.  I went to school with Matt (he was a year ahead of me but our school was so small that everyone knew eachother) who is the lead singer for Sanctus Real.  He and his wife are wonderful people and recently found out that their third baby will have a heart defect when he is born.  They have started a blog and his wife just posted her first post about her feelings and thoughts and I thought it it was touching.  Head on over to Bowen's Heart and give them some support.


Sue said...

Oh Abby... I will pray your camera arrives safely! Maybe she should Fed Ex or UPS it. I totally know how you feel about the fear of losing your pics. We had an external hard drive that sat on Doug's desk and one day it fell off and hit the floor... and we lost ALL our photos from like 2002 when we first went digital, up until whatever was on my new laptop in 2009. All our trips to D.C., Boston, Chicago, etc.., my niece's weddings, you name it... gone! So I know that fear and I'll pray extra hard.

Since then I have downloaded all the pics from my laptop regularly onto two separate small hard drives in the hopes that will never happen again. Digital is great...until something happens. :-(

Hope your camera is home safe very soon. I'm wanting to see all those pics ;-)

Hugs xo

Crystal said...

I hope your camera arrives safely but you can always use this for a reason to go get the Rebel you want!!! Can't wait to see all the pics!

Murdock's mama said...

Oh had me more posts starting like that okay?! :) Praying your camera arrives & in one piece!! Happy Friday!

Heather said...

Hoping your camera arrives soon!!! That stinks friend!