Friday, June 4, 2010

Dr. Appointment

Yesterday was my regular doctor's appointment.  It was quite routine and we got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat again!  What a wonderful sound that is!!  My doctor said that the heartbeat sounded perfect and everything was just what she liked to see!  So that is great!  And then...she scheduled our ultrasound for 3 weeks from yesterday!!!  I'll be 20 weeks at that point and normally appointments are every 4 weeks but she happened to be out of town on that 4th week so it worked perfectly for me!!!  Yay!  Only 3 weeks until we can SEE our little baby again!!  And then the excitement of whether it's a boy or a girl!!  I can barely wait!

All in all it was a great appointment!  (We won't talk about my weight gain since my last appointment...we're not thinking about it either! Um, if you saw the picture in the last post, then you can probably guess!  The whole getting-on-a-running-schedule thing didn't work this week because I was just too busy and it was just too humid to breathe.  Maybe next week.)  Jonathan and I did celebrate a wonderful appointment with some yummy Chick-fil-a!  (Not sure that's good for that whole weight gain thing...) We had signed up for free spicy chicken sandwiches not realizing until we got there that we had special seating, sit down service and got a full meal FREE.  Not just the sandwich!  I was a bit worried that baby wouldn't like the spicy chicken sandwich, but we all liked it!  YUM!  And they gave us goodie bags with a little cow, candy and 5 FREE sandwich coupons!  WHOOHOO!  Could yesterday get any better? :)


Chelsea said...

Weight gain is good! Enjoy the pregnancy! Worry about the weight after the baby comes. (I'll be worrying with you!) Remember my 9 pound month? That was fun. But it didn't slow me down the next month. :)

Crystal said...

So exciting and glad to hear everything went well! You sould look at the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart. It was right for us and friends!

Sue said...

I'm with Chelsea... don't worry about your weight... you're makin' a baby!! How cool was the free dinner to top off an already exciting and wonderful day huh?

Enjoy your weekend! xo