Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Change of Address

Unless you haven't read my blog before, you know that we recently moved from our starter home to a wonderful new house in a neighborhood we adore on a side of town that we love.  With moving comes lots of decorating (see past 647 posts about what color to paint my walls, and where to put wall hangings), arranging, and notifying places of your new address. 

Seriously, isn't the most annoying part of moving having to change your address with everyone??  The general doctor, ob, dentist, vet, eye doctor, and a bazillion other places.  I still haven't changed my address at Two Chicks for their mailing list so how will I know when their Annual Barn Yard Sale is?? *Reminder: I need to do that asap!*  Anyway, two things that I needed to get regarding our address were new return address labels and change of address cards.  I was spoiled by winning return address labels on Chelsea's blog a while back and they were soo cute but now they are wasted with my old address:( BOO!  Now that I've had cute labels, I can't go back to computer print outs {unless it's for a mass mailing (which may or may not include mailing change of address cards)}.  I found these really cute labels at erincondren.com.  I love the stuff on their site and have been really pleased with the customer service and quality! I didn't want to take a picture of our actual labels because I figured it's probably not a great idea to advertise our address on here, so imagine this says "the burns family".  Aren't these adorable??

I thought long and hard about ordering my change of address cards from Erin Condren also, but then it hit me!  One of my girlfriends makes cards!  I need to order them from her!  If you were reading my blog last year at this time, you might remember about 2 weeks worth of posts about my old college apartment-mate's wedding in Orlando that was to-die-for.  I don't know what Angela's official title is, but she is a wedding planner for the Hyatt Grand Cypress in Orlando and is a total perfectionist.  She is in a profession that is perfectly "her".  She also makes announcements and invitations on the side for her business, Paper Charm Custom Designs.  Check out her blog to see some of the beautiful designs she has made (and also the beautiful table settings that she creates for these weddings!)  Anyway, I gave her a couple of ideas of things that I thought would be cute and this is what she created!
Are these not the cutest?  The green is actually a separate piece of cardstock that she mounted the white onto.  I just love how they turned out.  They are so fun!  Pretend I'm not covering half of the card up.  Didn't really think you needed all of our personal info!

We needed to send these out because we send a ton of Christmas cards and I love getting Christmas cards in the mail from people and I would hate for those cards to be mailed to the new owners of our old house!  And for that matter, any other fun cards people want to send me:)

Angela reminded me that we will soon be designing baby announcements (for both of us actually!! Congrats Ang!!)  AAHH!  Crazy! I can't wait to see what she designs for that!  If any of you are looking for any sort of announcement or invitation check out Angela's blog.  She can do amazing things!  (And it even comes in cute packaging!!)


Seizing My Day said...

I LOVE the new address cards!! of course ... I love that color green!! =) it is one of my favs! I missed the land of blog too!! =) Summer is shaping up to be busy... but I will do my best to keep up! haha!

Seizing My Day said...

oh...love the labels too! =) I am sucker for that kind of stuff!

Sue said...

Very cute Abby! I bet the baby announcement ones will be adorable too!!