Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anniversary - Part Two

I know all of you faithful followers..ahem...are on the edge of your seats just to hear what my anniversary surprise was! :) Yesterday, Jonathan had an entire day of surprises planned for us! The alarm went off around 9-ish which is early for me on a Saturday that I don't have to work. He told me that we would need to drive to another city. I was completely in the dark about what we were doing. He kind of made it sound like we were going canoeing which I wasn't too excited about because it was cool out. Then I saw that Jonathan wasn't wearing scrubby canoeing clothes. So I tried to dress accordingly. Anyway, we drove for a bit and I looked up and saw a sign for Frankfort.?? Um, are we going the right way? What is in Frankfort? Nothing! I've never even been there other than one time when i visited my girlfriend who worked for the Governor. Then i was completely confused!

All of the sudden we turn in a driveway to the H2O Salon and Day Spa!!!! It was a really cute old house that had been turned into a spa. I was so excited! I love going to the spa! Then Jonathan told me that we were both getting 60 minute massages, pedicures, and manicures!!! Whoohoo!!! The massage was quite amazing! Then J helped me choose some color for my nails and toes... and just because I know that everyone wants to know...I decided on DC Apple Blossom on my toes and Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot on my fingers! :) It was a wonderful way to spend our afternoon together! Jonathan enjoyed his first ever pedi and mani too! I'm quite picky about spa's, and this place was so cute that I will definitely make the drive to Frankfort again to go back! I was enjoying it so much that I completely forgot to get my camera out of my purse! No pics:(

We then had dinner reservations, which were again a surprise until we pulled up! We went to eat at the Regatta! Yum! It is one of the best seafood places in Lexington! And its on a pretty little pond so you feel like you're not in the land-locked city! We love eating outside, but last night it was barely even 70, so we decided to eat inside so we wouldn't be too cold. (I, of course was wearing a tank top because it's summer and I wanted to wear it even though it was cold out!) We had a wonderful dinner and then wandered around the Joseph Beth Bookstore. All in all it was a wonderful day.

Now I'm procrastinating doing laundry and organizing's so hard to get back to reality after a wonderful carefree day like yesterday!

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