Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Julie and Julia

Last week I got free tickets for an advance screening of a movie. We get these every once in a while in the mail at work and sometimes the free tickets are to a movie that I actually want to go to. The only catch with the free passes is that you have to get to the theater really early so that you can get a seat (since they send out free passes to many businesses) and they only give about two days notice before the preview so many times you already have something going. Anyway, these passes were for the movie Julie and Julia. I had no clue what it was about, but the night we got them I went home and was watching TV live (which isn't normal since we usually only watch our DVR) and saw a preview for this movie. It's based on two true stories and looked really cute.I just have to say that it went beyond my expectations. If you are looking for a good wholesome movie, this is it. It's not a love story but it's not a comedy. We laughed almost the entire way through it. It is the true story of Julia Child and how she wrote her famous cookbook. She had a wonderful supportive husband and it was extremely interesting to see all of the old fashions. The movie bounced between her story and a modern story about a girl named Julie, who needed something more in life and decided to make every recipe in Julia's cookbook and keep a blog about it. I loved the stuff about her blogging because I completely understand when she got sooo excited about her first ever comment on a blog:) And then she started getting tons of comments and followers and got really popular in the blog world. She eventually wrote a book about her story and then wrote this movie!

If this is any indication, when it ended and the credits started rolling everyone clapped. It's a feel-good movie and I think guys even enjoyed it. So go get your husbands or boyfriends and make them take you to see it August 7th when it is released in theaters! We have to support these clean movies when they come along! (I may need to go see it again!)
I just sat in the garage reading blogs and typing this while my wonderful hubby finished making the second set of shelves and then organized all of our crap...ahem...useful garage items on our new shelves. I totally forgot to take a "before" picture, but I may need to post an "after" picture soon because it's such a beautiful sight that I just wanted to stand and look at it! :)


Michelle Plymire said...

I'm more excited to see that movie now, glad to hear it's good and wholesome :) Thanks for the revew!

AllisonO said...

Abby! I must have thought "I need to send a comment to that girl!" about a million times in the last two weeks, but better late than never, I guess. So much to catch up on:
*Yes, our dogs are twins - when you get kota cut, how do you describe what you want? That looks like what I'd like, but I always get Pearl back looking like a show poodle. Bleh.
*Why don't you live HERE in the frozen tundra? We would definitely be fabulous friends.
*Your purses are gorgeous! Do you have any with lots of inside pockets for a diaper bag?
*I LOVE the gDiapers and am going to post about that soon!
Love from Minnesota,