Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer TV

Today has been a whole lot less painful than yesterday - no more injuries!

Enough about me...what about some TV shows. I'm so sick of bad summer TV! We are literally OUT of DVRs to watch, so here we are once again watching Wipeout! It is just so wrong. I mean seriously. Have you all watched it?? Tonight is couples and for some reason a lot of the couples have fat women that are seriously unathletic. I guess they do that on purpose so people actually wipeout. I can't believe this is entertainment! But here we sit with the rest of Americans watching it.

We do have 2 shows recording right now - So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. Really there isn't much else to even record! I do enjoy SYTYCD! Do you?? I just wish I had such talent! I have some favorite dancers but can't pick just one couple to root for just yet.

But the thing I'm most excited about this week....Big Brother starts tomorrow!! WHOO HOO! Finally some TV! I get completely addicted to this show. Not addicted enough to buy the live feed, but addicted enough to stay entertained until real TV starts back in the fall! I'd like to be on this in a house where you get to play games, relax, work out, and lay out during the day all summer. Guess I should have been a teacher! HA!! Seriously though, it would be nice to have summers off and just be able to go down to the Keys for a couple weeks, wouldn't it mom and dad? :) hehe!

Tomorrow we have a double header for our softball team, but I won't be playing since I don't think that my hand would appreciate throwing a ball until it at least scabs over:) So I think while our hubbies play, Billie and I might go for a run...I gotta stay active with all this TV I'm gearing up to watch! :)

Coda got his hair cut today and he looked so cute, I just had to post a pic! Now I can say that I don't always post pics of him when he's scruffy.

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Sue said...

Aw look at Coda's new do! Very cute. Love how the groomer's always do the sweet little bandana... until the dog or cat RIPS it off - lol

We are BB fans over here too - I did buy the live feeds YEARS ago but there was WAY too much swearing and blank screen so I never did it again. I think that was Season 3.

Have you seen Superstars on ABC Tuesday nights? You really might like that one - it's got the athletics you like (but not the craziness of wipeout). You should DVR one week and see what you think!

Hope your hand is better soon so you can get out there and play again. Have a great weekend!