Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July!!! So far this morning I've been quite productive. We're heading to J's Aunt's house in Louisville this evening to celebrate the holiday! J is an early riser and woke me up earlier than I prefer when I have a "sleep in day". But no hard feelings because he brought me breakfast in bed! How sweet was that. He knew I was going to go out running, so he made me an omelet thinking that I would still be able to run with that on my stomach! Seriously, how sweet is he?? I went out running and set my ipod for 4 miles and ended up going 5 miles! Yay! It was quite cool (for this time of the year) so I think that helped with my endurance. I heard from Nevada and she finished her first 10K race this morning in a really good time! Good job girl! She just started running in February and she's already running 6.2 mile races! We'll have to run one together soon!!! Can't wait!

I have to tell you all about my very romantic day yesterday! I took a vacation day since Jonathan had the day off for the holiday. He surprised me with a picnic lunch at Jacobson Park!!! How romantic:) He bought me this really cool picnic basket from Pier 1 3 years ago and I'm embarrassed to say that we had yet to use it! The park has a little pond and we sat by it and it was so nice! The weather was a little overcast but the sun eventually came out! Here are some pics from our fun date!
We went to get our groceries from our local Kroger Marketplace...if you don't have one, you're missing out! It's smaller than walmart, but bigger than a normal grocery store! Anyway, we got our normal groceries and then they had a display with 4th of July dishes 50% off! So I got some fun star shaped platters and bowls. Here's a pic of the bowls ($7 for the set of 3!)... Can you guess what I'm making for our get together? I'll post pics of the final thing!
After grocery shopping we got back in the car and again I had no clue where we were going! We ended up going to dinner at Corky's BBQ! Yumm! Pulled pork sandwiches taste so good in the summer! And then we went to a movie. I was a little bummed to not see The Proposal, but we ended up seeing The Hangover (Mom- don't go see this!!). It was absolutely hysterical! We were laughing until I had tears in my eyes...but it's a little dirty, so I don't recommend it to the faint of heart.

Do you think I'm spoiled or what?? Thanks Jonathan! I love you! It wasn't even our anniversary! (That's 2 weeks away still!) I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

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Sue said...

I think it's GREAT that your hubby spoiled you silly this weekend :-D It's so important to remember to do those romantic things throughout the years, especially once little ones come along and monopolize your time ;-)

You have inspired me to plan a romantic picnic for my hubby. I'll have to scrap off a decade's worth of dust off our picnic basket but it will be all good in the long run ;-) I'll keep you posted when I do it!

Love the new 4th of July dishes! Very cute ;-)