Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bad New Bears? I think not!

Sometimes life just gets so busy that even though I have something to post, I don't have enough time in the day to sit down and write! Our days this weekend were full! Right now my wonderful hubby is in our hot attic screwing in flooring! Yay! We can finally call it an attic AND we can store more stuff up there! I have taken some pics in action so hopefully I'll have time to post those tomorrow!
So, I posted last week that I wasn't going to play in our softball game on Thursday due to my sore hand. Billie and I showed up to the game in our running gear to get a good run in. The problem occurred when we realized that 2 of the girls would not be able to make it to either game of the double header. That meant that I had to throw a shirt on and suck it up. I was not going to cause our team to forfeit!

Billie got some in-action pics during our first game. We had a bunch of athletic people who are good softball players on our team but so far our games were looking more like the Bad News Bears than anything else. It was embarrassing how bad we lost in our first game and also the week before!
Here's Jonathan pitching, Chris on 3rd, Tim on Short, and Derek in Left Field

Here's me playing 1st and Nevada playing 2nd

Here's me batting! You like my running skirt with my softball shirt? HA! How does my stance look, Dad? Same as it used to?
So the second game came around and we were told that we were playing the best team in the league (that orange team watching in the last picture) so imagine our excitement! Yeah right! Anyway, either they were missing some players or we were immediately amazing because we WON! and we won by a lot! I got a picture of the scoreboard before they cleared it after the game! I wanted to remember the moment:) Our team really needed the W to lift our spirits. We even had a 3 run home run during the first inning! GO ROOKIES!!! Whoohoo!!!! (And I lived thru it and my hand was fine although I missed running that night)
After the win we were all smiles! (Do you like the orange running tank under my teal shirt? Nice!)

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Sue said...

You deserve a Trooper of the Year award, Abby! Way to play and congrats on the big win!