Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Taste of Summer

I had a half day today since I work on Saturday, so I came home and made a pasta salad for a get together tomorrow. As I was putting the finished salad in the fridge I realized that I should have taken pictures of the ingredients so that I could share my recipe on here. Well I don't have before pics, but I do have after pics and a recipe! Not to brag but I think I make a pretty mean pasta salad. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I think there are as many pasta salads as there are potato salads out there but I'm quite picky about my pasta salad. So here it is!-One box of Rainbow Rotini (it needs to be rainbow to make the salad look extra exciting!). I like to under cook the pasta a bit to make it a little chewy.
-One cucumber chopped
-Two tomatoes chopped
-Half of a jar of mild banana peppers strained and chopped
-One can of sliced black olives strained
-Half of a package of peperoni chopped
-Wishbone Italian Dressing
Mix it all together. Add 1/3-ish of the bottle of dressing and let sit in the fridge overnight. (The above picture is how much I used for a double recipe.) The next day, stir it up and add more dressing to taste. (It really does taste better the next day!)

I usually make a double recipe because it goes fast when you take it to a party! (Plus it's always nice to have a little left over for yourself to take home!) It tastes like summer:)

And there you have yummy pasta salad! Try it, you'll be hooked!

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Sue said...

Looks good, although I have to be honest and I don't like cucumber, banana peppers or black peppers - lol. My sister makes a mean (& colorful) pasta salad too with the same pasta, chicken breast cooked and chunked, red/green/yellow/orange peppers, red onion and honey mustard dressing. It's a great summer salad too!

Hope you had fun at your shindig last night (Fri).