Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An extra special surprise!

OK, so maybe that is dripping with sarcasm. Tonight Billie and Nevada and I got together to go running on a long run (the same trail as last Tuesday but we added a little bit). Billie brought her two sweet boxers with her for the run. They are good little (ok not so little compared to Dakota!) runners. Poor things though because it was so hot! But they enjoyed themselves... that is until mile 4 when another person on the trail came out of nowhere with his dog who was bearing his teeth. Well, Bear lunged toward the other dog and that meant he went right in my path... Can you tell what's coming up next? Yes, I bit it big time! All three of us could see me falling but couldn't do anything about it. So I poured water over my bloody knees and hand and turned my ipod back on and continued another 1.5 miles! You know...I'm hardcore like that! LOL! Ok, not usually, but I really had it in my head that I wanted to finish the 5.5 miles we had set out to do! (We finished although I'm a little stiff now.)

When i got home I think I surprised Jonathan. You know, since he's not used to seeing his wife walk in the kitchen with blood running down her legs. He's been so sweet taking care of me and trying to find band-aids big enough:) He made dinner and yes while we were eating I bit my lip...twice! Now it's bloody too! What's wrong with me??

Just gotta laugh it off! Such is life some days:) I think I need to go to bed and start over! HA!


Jess :) said...

Oh honey...I can't believe you kept going! I would've started bawling and just wanted someone to come and take me home. What a strong girl you are...I'm so proud!

That stinks about the whole lip biting thing, also...NO fun. :( So glad that J is taking good care of you!

Hopefully you'll heal up super fast! Take it easy until you do. :)

Billie Motsch said...

Hey girl! I'm so sorry!!! I hope that your knees and hand heal quickly and that you're not too sore! I'm glad that Jonathan is such a sweetheart and took care of you!
Your poor lip! It just wasn't your night, was it? Today will be a better day though! Hopefully you didn't forget your breakfast! Ha!

Sue said...

Now see... that's exactly what I meant last week about the big dogs in the park! Sheesh!

Sorry you got hurt but whoa what a trooper you are for finishing your run. Bravo! I would have called hubby to come pick me up... all while bawling my sorry head off - lol

Bravo to Jonathan too for pampering you so fine when you got home. You two are so good together ;-)