Thursday, July 14, 2011

8 Months

Adalyn turned 8 months on Saturday! She is just the sweetest thing and now holds us tight like a hug and gives us big open-mouth wet kisses. I L.O.V.E. it!! She says da-da all the time. She is constantly trying to talk to us. And we love it when she says something loud and then whispers it. It's adorable! I have this feeling that she may take after my brother and be talking in full sentences before she is crawling. (Just kidding, Aaron... kinda) haha! She hasn't been too interested in crawling. She's just happy sitting or lying on the floor where ever you put her, although she does roll over more frequently. 

She is still in size 6-12 month clothes and they are no longer "big" on her. And her 6-9 month sleepers are starting to get snug in the legs since she's so long! She wore a dress last Sunday that I just HAD to have her in one last time, but it was a 3-6 month and a little short. I get really attached to some of those clothes and can't bear to pack them away! We are still in size 3 diapers. And I haven't put shoes on her feet since her dedication so I couldn't even say what size they are! It's summertime in Kentucky! Who needs shoes?

Adalyn is continuing to be a good eater. We have a large menu of {homemade} fruits and veggies that Adalyn inhales. She has finally come around to eating her green beans but still isn't sure about cauliflower and gags over avocados. She likes any type of fruit and especially loves apples, pears and fresh bananas. We're going to try mangos this week! She tried some puffs for the first time this week and wasn't so sure about it once it was in her mouth. But she is intrigued. It's precious watching her hold it and try to get it to her mouth! She is still figuring out the sippy cup thing. Thankfully Billie suggested the Nuk sippy cup because it is soft compared to other cups. Adalyn really likes chewing on it but still can't figure out how to tip the thing to get the apple juice out. But when mommy helps she does great!

Here are our pictures from this week.  Now that she is active it's getting harder and harder to get a good picture in her normal monthly poses! Can you tell?

I love those chubby legs! (Her onesie is still a 3-6 month.)
Smiling at her daddy. So sweet.
Not willing to just lay still...she has to be doing something!

Trying to find her bow to pull it off since mommy wouldn't let her play with her sticker.

In the middle of pulling her bow off. That stinker! :)
I think she was ready to be done with her photo shoot:)


Aishlea and Brandon said...

She's just a doll. I can't believe she is already 8 months!

Crystal said...

Happy 8 months!!! Such a precious girl!!!

Sue said...

My WORD she is adorable!! I can't believe she's 8 months already, Abby. It's going SO FAST!! Happy 8 Month birthday Adalyn :-) xo

Justin and Jessica said...

She is so cute, and I can't believe she is already 8 months old!

Our Family of Four said...

She is such a cutie! Love how you have captured her monthly stats and pictures.