Friday, July 8, 2011

Swim Lessons

Adalyn started swim lessons on Tuesday. They are twice a week for the month of July and she loves them! It's a "parent and me" class so I hold her and she kicks and splashes. It's pretty cute. The instructor kept saying that she never sees kids as young as Adalyn so splashy and excited about being in the water. So that's a great thing!!  Bad news is that the class is indoors in a warm water pool. Not fun when it's blazing hot outside and you'd rather be in a nice cool pool. oh well. Jonathan tried to get some pictures with our big lens on the camera and the lifeguard on duty told him he was not allowed to take pictures. BOO YMCA!! But he got his phone out and took a couple {very grainy} pictures anyway. He's such a dare devil:)


Lindsy said...

That's the same teacher we had! So glad she likes it....I knew she would. She's a water baby for sure.

Sue said...

That is silly they won't let you guys take pictures with your camera. Seriously? It's a big moment in your little girl's life. What do they think the issue is? You'll sue them if she hates the water?? Silly!!

Loved the "sneaky" pics J took! Glad she loved the water ;-)

EKelly said...

How cute!