Monday, July 18, 2011

Patience and Trust

Are two things that are hard for me. I'm impatient and I think with today's modern conveniences and internet at my fingertips, patience is even harder for me.  I think it's always hard to hand over the reins of my life and trust God to lead the way. I mean, I want to do that but I get so caught up in worrying about something going wrong that I always tend to take back over. Good thing God dishes out grace!

The last couple weeks have been difficult in that Adalyn's "Nona" {childcare provider} gave us her 2 weeks' notice because she wanted to start a new venture. It pretty much rocked my world. We all loved Nona and didn't have any plans to not have her help us raise our child until preschool (or I become a stay-at-home mom...whichever is first). I was just sick about it. Jonathan is such a wonderful husband and took over the childcare provider search because he knew I was too emotionally invested to be doing the search and weeding through the possibilities. We wanted in-home care and we needed it to be somewhere on our side of town. Well, for two weeks nothing turned up. I started calling daycares and all of the good ones had LONG waiting lists.  Some daycares never even returned my emails or calls. We did find one daycare that I absolutely loved. I wanted to sign up that day but Jonathan reminded me that an extra $35 per week from what we were paying would put a serious strain on our budget. $140 per month makes a big difference! We finally got to a week ago Friday and Adalyn needed to start somewhere the following Tuesday. So I was ready to sign on the bottom line for the daycare and just make the money situation "work".

Friday afternoon I was off work and Jonathan emailed me a craig's list ad. I told him to go ahead and contact her to ask her location and price and availability. Needless to say, Friday evening we had 2 interviews with in-home providers. We loved both of them! They were both on our side of town and the one Jonathan had found Friday afternoon? Yeah, she lives in our neighborhood. .7 miles from our house to be exact. Why can't I learn to trust God? It's not in our time, it's His.  He's never late. He's always right on time. You'd think that I would have learned that in the past with Jonathan's job, our house sale, our infertility, and our pregnancy scare just to name a few lessons. But I obviously still need to be reminded.

Oh yeah, and our new childcare provider? Instead of spending $35 per week more than what we were paying before, we are saving $40 per week from what we were paying! Wow a cost savings of $160 per month. God provides.  Last Tuesday was Adalyn's first day in her new environment and we had a glowing review. It was interesting hearing a [pretty much] complete stranger who has never cared for Adalyn before tell us that she is the easiest baby she's ever had. {Yep} That she loves to talk. {Yep} That she has no interest in crawling even when they put her toys out of her reach. {Yep} And that she is all around content and happy. {Yep} So she pretty much already has Adalyn figured out and so far we are great with the new care and ecstatic with our .7 mile commute!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

I so hear you on this. In fact, our lesson at church this week was on surrendering everything to God and how the illusion of "power" gets to us.... it so hit home with me.

I'm so happy you found a new babysitter that you love!!

Janine said...

So glad you found someone. We also had a childcare scare right after I had Keagan and although we went from an in-home sitter to day care, we couldn't be more pleased. Glad everything worked out perfectly!