Monday, July 25, 2011

Reunited and It Feels So Good...

Adalyn got a Sophie the Giraffe for Christmas.  In the beginning she just sucked and nursed on Sophie and then later it became her favorite chew toy (other than her fingers). She wouldn't even play with other teething toys, let alone chew on them. She loved Sophie.  The problem? Dakota loved Sophie too.  I can't blame him. Sophie looks, smells and sounds like a dog toy. How's he supposed to know the difference, other than us yelling at him any time he would come close to the most expensive chew toy ever!!

For anyone not familiar with Sophie, she's a teether that is soft rubber and squeaks. She was originally made in 1961 in Paris and is still made the same way as she was back then. Every single baby that I know has a Sophie and every single mother swears by it.

On very rare occasions that Dakota acquired Sophie he would play with her and bury her in his blanket and just lay his head on her until I could somehow manage to get her back.  There would never be teeth marks and he just loved on Sophie. Then I'd have to scold Coda, disinfect Sophie and then we would agree to guard Sophie better.

Well two weeks ago Dakota went missing and after Jonathan went looking for him he was flaming mad and had a disfigured Sophie in his hand. Sophie was missing both ears and also her little horns (are those things horns?).  Poor Sophie. Well, we finally got around to buying a new Sophie this weekend. Oh.My.Goodness. When we got to the display in the store, Adalyn lunged right for the box with Sophie in it. As Jonathan was carrying the box to the register she wanted it oh so bad. It was precious.  Just like a long lost friend.

When we got home, she was so excited to play with Sophie so I grabbed a few pictures.

Yes, the money spent on this toy was worth it by the look of that smile!

 Dakota wanted the new Sophie so so bad and Adalyn knew it and kept waiving it and throwing it at him. It was quite funny. But Jonathan has vowed that if Dakota chews another Sophie that he's going to go away for good. (I don't believe him though.) Look at poor Coda...
 Happy girl talking to her new Sophie!
Reunited and it feels so good! Poor thing has 4 upper teeth coming in at the same time! Two are cut and two are still in the process, so hopefully having Sophie will help soothe those gums!
(Yes, I really just wrote an entire post on a teething toy...I am quite aware. My how priorities change...)


badesjarlais said...

Wasn't Sophie on "Three Men and a Baby"?

The Vallieres Family said...

I totally feel your pain, our Sophie went missing for a while and I finally found it yesterday. The girls have been fighting over it ever since! Maybe it's time we splurge on the second one? :)

Sue said...

Yay for new Sophie!! Poor Dakota ;-)

I can't get over how fast Adalyn's hair is growing now... and so blond! She's such a doll :-)