Friday, July 22, 2011

Swim Lessons with Daddy

Tuesday night I had an evening meeting for work so Jonathan got to be the parent in "parent and me swim class" and I got to be the parent in the bleachers taking stealth pictures with my phone.  Jonathan was so brave! I was nervous that he wouldn't want to do it since all of the other parents in the class are women. But for his little girl he'll brave being the only daddy in the water! Here are some really blurry pictures from her swim class.
 In this part of the class, the instructor gives each child a rubber ducky and the parent throws it out ahead in the water and the baby has to swim for it. She loves this part of the class and it's so cute to see how determined she is on swimming to that ducky.
 Look at that good form! Adalyn too! :)
I think Jonathan started a new trend. At our class on Thursday two of the normal daddies that sit on the bleachers were in the pool with their babies.  We only have two more swim classes! I can't believe this month has flown by so quickly!!

In other news, my child is using a sippy cup! She's finally figured it out. She would prefer for us to hold it but if we give her the cup and step away she can drink out of it herself! Never mind that half the time after a few drinks she decides that it's a great teething toy!
We've got two more teeth in and two more that are so close to coming through.

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