Thursday, July 7, 2011

Matching Outfits

Last Saturday we babysat baby Avery so that her mom, dad and sister could go canoeing for the day! She is such a sweet easy going baby! We had a good time and I got a small glimpse of what having twins is like.  Jonathan was working in the yard and I had both girls and the dog. But thankfully they were all well behaved:) They even took naps at the same time which was so sweet of them! I tweeted that 2 babywise babies = good schedule and naptimes. And that is so true. Both babies (one in the crib and one in the pack n play in the family room) staying on schedule and sleeping was awesome!!

Lindsy bought the girls matching outfits so it was a perfect photo-op! I outfitted the girls with some big bows and went to town clicking pictures. What's more fun that dressing two girls up alike and taking pictures??

They are so sweet together. I think they are going to be best girlfriends!! I love that they get to grow up like cousins!