Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Sleep Over

This past weekend we took a day off work to spend a long weekend with my parents.  Jonathan golf's with my dad in a golf scramble each summer and it happened to fall on the same weekend as our anniversary. (I was not aware of this when he paid, although I wouldn't have wanted him to miss it.) After our trip to the Zoo on Friday, my mom and I decided to take Adalyn to my aunt's pool on Saturday while the guys golfed the day away. Adalyn loved the pool and her cousins played so nicely with her. It was sweet.

 I think the swimming lessons have had a great impact. She just kept kicking her little legs and was so happy to splash the day away! I finally had to call naptime because I'm pretty sure she would have just fallen asleep in her float if I would have let her! She's going to be a little fish!!
 Having fun with Grandma Nan!
 Saturday night Jonathan planned an overnight anniversary date, so Adalyn spent her first night away from both of us. (I was gone overnight at my work retreat a couple months ago, but this was a first for both of us to be gone.) Papa and Grandma did great and said that Adalyn was of course perfect. They took her to church with them Sunday morning so I'm sure my mom showed her off to all her friends!  Jonathan and I did not take one picture of us on our date! My, how priorities change... 

It was our 5th anniversary so we both tried to do a spin on the traditional 5th anniversary gift of wood.  I got Jonathan a 5 Wood (golf club) because his broke a couple summers ago and he's really missed it. I think he was excited to try it out at the scramble.  Jonathan gave me a wrapped metallic family picture from one of Adalyn's 6 month pictures that Jes took. The wrap is on wood so somehow we both stayed in the wood category!  Jonathan also got me a fun rubber white watch with bling so that was a fun little extra:)
 Sunday afternoon before we got on the road back to Lexington, we took a few pictures. Adalyn was so ready for her nap that she fell asleep in her car seat before we even pulled the car out of the driveway! Can you tell how sleepy she looks in these pictures? But yet, she didn't fuss. Such a good baby!

 Can you tell that I got a bit too much sun at the pool on Saturday? It was my first extended time in the sun this summer and I got a bit lobster-ish! I was careful to put Adalyn's sunscreen on all day but didn't put any on myself! Oh well, I needed a little color and now the red is all gone so I'm good.
We had a great time with my parents as we always do, but it's always so hard to leave!! Good thing Adalyn gets to see Gram again next week for some babysitting!

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Our Family of Four said...

So cute! I remember mine's first sleep overs.. I missed them like crazy, but slept like a baby myself. lol.